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Hello, I’m Jo Boardman and I have made it my aim to enable entrepreneurs and enterprising organisations to develop their company charity, or social enterprise and ultimately achieve a sustainable future for their projects, programmes, services, clients and customers.

I offer a range of advice, support, and information to help you address any issues and barriers, and will help you identify potential opportunities, partners, services and products.

With over 12 years experience of working in both the voluntary and community sector as well as social enterprise and social finance I am passionate about innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and enterprise development.

I spent seven years working with miners, ex-miners, and community groups in coalfield areas assisting with capacity building, business development and income diversification. I have worked with museums, libraries, and archive services to develop strategic and local partnerships, and networks. I also led an Investment Readiness programme, supporting social enterprises, voluntary and community sector organisations, for a large Ethical Lender. I am drawn to the Charity, Social Enterprise and SME sector, and am passionate about working with and supporting organisations to achieve their vision. I thrive on the ‘buzz’ I get from helping individuals and organisations realise their potential.

My ultimate aim is to help organisations become robust and viable by recognising and addressing limitations, issues and barriers, then supporting them to source new opportunities and resources that will enable them to gain momentum and develop their organisation in a sustainable way so my support is no longer required!

Jo Boardman

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- How We Help -

Income Diversification & Funding

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

This is so true when considering your future sustainability. Whether it is identifying the potential funding, finance or investment opportunities available to you, reviewing and evaluating your current income streams to provide you with clarity and focus for future business and project developments, or developing a practical strategy that will offer you a framework that you can use to inform your work…I can assist and support you. All my work is bespoke and tailored to your needs, so that I can positively contribute to your future development working with you to identify potential projects, clients, partners, and opportunities.

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know”

Having a good network of contacts, partners, and clients is essential when addressing the viability and sustainability of organisations, but setting aside time to source, develop, and maintain those important relationships is sometimes very difficult to do when you are running an organisation and managing staff. My work over the years has allowed me to develop a comprehensive network of contacts from a diverse range of organisations, agencies, funders, and businesses from all sectors. I can assist you to identify and develop relationships and networks with those partners that are key to the development of your organisation, and provide you with additional support to maintain and manage those relationships so that they become an integral part of your core business.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

As clichéd as this may sound it is true, and so many organisations struggle to manage strategic development because they are too busy managing the practical operation and staff! Having an external perspective can assist, as I can work alongside you to look at your plans, systems, and processes and help to amend them or develop new ones to enable you to clarify and focus your service and product offer, streamline your systems, and update your processes and policies in line with current trends, opportunities, and legislation.

“Business is good for development, and development is good for business”

Faced with budget cuts, economic recession, and being asked to do more for less, many organisations are now finding it increasingly more difficult to provide quality services and products to clients and communities without being flexible, adaptable, innovative and enterprising.  By considering new opportunities, partnerships, clients, services and products outside of your core offer you have the potential to increase both your client and partner demographic and geographical reach, which will in turn have a positive impact on the diversity of income you secure and generate for your future sustainability.  By working alongside you and your organisation I can support you with research, planning, development and implementation.

“Learning is experience – everything else is just information”

When running and managing an organisation it is sometimes difficult to take time out to learn new things, or just update existing knowledge. Keeping up to date on legislation, trends, and policies as well as understanding what techniques, tools and opportunities are available to help you to promote, develop, and plan for the future is essential for anyone – whether a volunteer, paid employee, trustee or director.

Marketing, promotion, and profile are essential tools for any organisation whether it’s targeting existing or new customers, partners, funders, or investors. How you influence people to use your products and services is crucial to the future development and sustainability of your organisation. Marketing is not something you do for a few days and forget about….it is a long term necessity and as long as your organisation is up and running then you are marketing yourself and your products and services. I will work with you one on one to understand your needs and identify where you require support. Working closely with trusted partners within the Marketing & Branding Sector I ensure that your organisation is provided with a personal service that is effective and unique.

Websites & Social Media are becoming increasingly powerful marketing and promotional tools for any organisation allowing you to reach a global audience and market, and increase your online profile. I work in partnership with the some of the finest Web & Social Media designers and developers which ensures that the service you get is beyond compare and unique to your organisation.

  • Income Diversification & Funding
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Organisational Development & Planning
  • Enterprise Development
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Marketing, Profile & Branding
  • Web & Social Media

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